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    <Wasted> Who are we?


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    <Wasted> Who are we? Empty <Wasted> Who are we?

    Post  Nanke on Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:54 am

    Hello and welcome to the Wasted Forums.

    My name is Nanke, and i am going to tell you a little about us.

    <Wasted> is a fairly new guild, founded on the realm Shattered Halls.
    Our goal is to be a, casual raiding guild, aiming for the 10-man raiding scene, which at the moment is ToTC and Onyxia 10 - Ulduar, Naxx etc. is to be considered fun runs.
    We are very loose with our raiding days, but always good at planning them ahead. The raid times may vary from 20/21:00 - But they will ALWAYS end at 00:00.

    We are a very social guild, always trying our best to help eachother, but of course, it takes some time to "fit in" amongst new people.

    That's about it for now. Any questions?

    Regards. - Nanke

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